Your Travel Guide for India

best tourist spots in India

With a history of over 30,000 years, you can’t tell what you’ll find when visiting India. Between stunning architecture, unique and diverse culture, mouth-watering and ancient traditions, travelers who rank India at the top of their must-see list cannot be accused of wanting to experience part of this amazing country for themselves.

While there are many ways to explore a country – to roam the rivers, go on safaris and enjoy land travel, to name a few – one of the best ways to experience the culture and history of a region is to go through it. After all, what better way to walk miles of local shoes literally walking a mile in their shoes? Fortunately, India offers countless opportunities to explore the country on foot, and we are here to provide you with a complete guide to walking around India.

The Best Time to Walk Around India

The weather in India is very extreme, from big monsoons to scorching dry summers. While India is certainly a year-round destination, travelers need to consider their level of fitness and decide what kind of adventure they would like to have before deciding when to visit the country.

If an extreme journey through mud in harsh conditions sounds like your perfect adventure, then you won’t have a problem traveling during the monsoon season, which runs from around July to September (but keep in mind that a visit north of India around August) will be quite dry and pleasant, like a European summer. If you are accustomed to extreme warmth and know how to hydrate properly and take care of yourself when walking long distances in these conditions, a pre-monsoon from April to June may be ideal for you.

The Best Hiking Trails in India

The valley of flowers. The hike is even more beautiful than described by him, travelers who hike through the Valley of Flowers must prepare to enter a world of wildflowers, fluttering butterflies and endangered animals like the blue sheep. Available for visits from June to September, this moderately challenging trip to Utarakhand usually takes about a week.

The Rajmachi track. A fast-growing tourist destination, Rajmachi in Maharashtra offers amazing views of the vibrant green hills and two different ways to explore them. Travelers looking for a walk that can be completed in just a few hours can reach the 15-kilometer walk from Lonavala, but those looking for a more enduring adventure can climb to 2,000 feet and complete the visit. your walking tours of the Kondana Caves.

Chandratal Lake Trek. An easy trip popular with honeymoon couples in Himachal Pradesh, Chandratal Lake Trek is just one kilometer around the beautiful lake known as the Moon Lake. The best time to explore this area, located in the Spiti Valley, is from May to October, and the region provides an excellent day trip. The march of Indrahar. Located in the Dhauladhar mountain range, Indrahar Pass is 4,300 meters above sea level and is a popular trekking destination from April to October. Travelers who want to work hard and get a serious salary in the form of amazing views should rank this time from 4 to 10 days.

Your Guide to the Spice Trail in Kerala

Well, we admit: although there are almost endless routes, ideal for walking around India, we have a favorite. Kerala, the established center of the spice trade since 3000 BC, is known as the “Spice Garden of India”. Kerala is the real deal – you won’t find a more authentic, inspiring trail in many other destinations. The Kerala Spice Trail is a moderate hike with amazing scenery along the way, from coffee plantations to wildlife sanctuaries to ancient temples.

If you really want to see it as you walk through India, this trail should be number one on your list. Fortunately travelers who can’t resist the opportunity to explore the Kerala Spice Trail will be delighted to learn that on the 15-day Spice Trail of Kerala, they will have the chance to walk through tea plantations, spot elephants in the wild, visit peaceful temples and much more. For an experience like no other, a tourist trip through India is an ultimate adventure.