Top 5 Best Indian Foods

India is an expansive land of great diversity and rich traditions. Common ingredients used in its cuisine are grains like rice and wheat, pulses (lentils and chickpeas) as well as clarified butter in the form of ghee. Dosa is southern India’s version of crepe, featuring delectable fillings and robust chutneys, plus its fermentation-fed batter is […]

What Goes Into Healthy Indian Meals?

Indian cuisine is fast gaining popularity around the world for its healthy, tasty and satisfying food. People are now looking out for ways to eat healthy while traveling. This is because it does not matter where you go in India, you will get delicious food. The major component of healthy Indian food is the use […]

Indian baby traditions

Rituals at the Birth of a Child

Jata-karma After the birth of a child for ten days the occupants of the home should not meet with anyone because they are dirty. On the eleventh day, Brahman Purohita comes to the house. The mother with the baby stands on something like a platform made of earth, erected in the middle of the house. […]

Indian wedding traditions


The Indian wedding lasts five days. The first day is called “muhurta”. Women clean and decorate the pandala. Guests decorate their foreheads with akshatas and sandalwood, smear their heads with sesame oil and wash themselves. The priest prays to all the deities. The newlyweds sit with their parents in the center of the pandala. The […]

Wedding preparation India

Wedding Preparation

As soon as they find a suitable girl for their son’s husband, the boy’s parents go to the bride’s parents to arrange the wedding day. They take with them a new cloth for women’s clothes, coke, bananas, cinnabar and sandalwood powder. Along the way, they are constantly looking for bad omens, and if they find […]